Breaking #SouthSideWeOutSide News on Mick Benzo, Co- Founder of the Zulu Nation:

Hip Hop’s First Lady International Herstorian, The Legendary Pioneer DJ Queen MC Professor Shasia Mecca Muhammad, BA, MS, est. 1970 commences with lifetime pro bono Graffiti, DJing, MCing, BGirl, and FlyGirl Media, Public Relations, and Social Media Writing and Consultation via Black Girls and Women’s Coalition NYC for our Black Royalty – Queen Mrs. Mick Benzo and our Brother and King, Mick Benzo collectively known as Black Royalty in SouthSide Jamaica, Queens, New York City USA.

Mick Benzo has been serving the Black Community since his formative years as a young King in the Bronx, New York City.  As Co-Founder of the Zulu Nation, our Brother has created, invented, directed, and guided Hip Hop Community, Movement, Culture, Music, Fashion, Love, Industry, and Business.

Join me in celebrating our Brother, Mick Benzo, as I create, invent, and write workshops and college curriculum to teach at daycare centers, elementary schools,  junior high schools, and high schools nationally.

Mick Benzo, there is no currency amount that you can ever offer me as an entrepreneur and businesswoman that I would ever accept.  You are my Black Brother and have labored your entire life to lift up our people, Black people.  I’m rocking with you until the casket drops – let’s get it!

Access the Official website of Mick Benzo for comprehensive autobiographical information on one of the Founders of International Hip Hop Community, Movement, Culture, Music, Fashion, Love, Industry, and Business.

Stylist: @BlackGirlsAndWomensCoalition with Assistant Store Manager Victoria at Ashley Stewart– BedStuy store: 356124
Photography: @BlackGirlsAndWomensCoalition
Fashions by: Ashley Stewart – BedStuy
Jewelry by: Ashley Stewart – BedStuy
Shoes by: Kelly & Katie – Neva (Red Espadrilles)
Hijab: scarves by Nine West and Jessica McClinton.
Eyewear: Lori Greiner with Neox (Black sunglasses)

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